Configure Gmail To Access Multiple Email Accounts

Are you tired of managing various email accounts? You are fed up of using email clients like MS Outlook, Thunderbird to manage all your accounts at one place. I was also facing this type of problem, and tried hard to find out the best possible solution. And hopefully I managed to solve this problem and now accessing all my email accounts through Gmail. Here I am representing you the process I followed to link my Yahoo account with my Gmail account, you can link Gmail account with another Gmail account also.

With this, you have to sign in only one account and can check mails of other linked accounts and can even send mails through your other added accounts without signing in other accounts.

Step1: Open your Gmail account and click on the Settings icon at the top right corner and choose Mail Settings.

Step2: Select Accounts and Import tab and click on Add a POP3 account you own under Check mail using POP3 heading.

Step3: A new window will pop-up and enter the email address you want to add to your Gmail account.

Step4: Click next and fill the entries as asked. Note that the POP3 server will change accordingly. Like POP3 server for Gmail is and that of Yahoo is

Step5: Add account and if you want to send mails as your added account, then check the first option.

Step6: Your added account will automatically check your mails time to time. In case you don’t want to link your account with your Gmail account, you can delete it any time.



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