Early Windows Mobile 7 phones will be GSM only

Finally there’s word of the Windows Phone 7 and it seems that we will be seeing it in a GSM-only avatar for the first half of next year. So there will not be any scope of the phone expanding its 4G wings (if there were any) out to Sprint. It’s quite obvious why this would happen though. According to Greg Sullivan, Product Manager, there were trade-offs that had to be made in order to meet the schedule. So for a CDMA release we may have to wait a little longer than expected. However, this will give us enough time to study the phone and its capabilities before making the giant ever-hopeful 4G leap.

The company made the decision to delay the CDMA version earlier this year but had declined to publicly confirm it until now. While GSM is much more widely used in Europe, the decision means that Windows Phone 7 won’t be available on two of the four major U.S. networks at launch–Sprint and Verizon.

Microsoft made other trade-offs in the feature set for the initial release of Windows Phone 7, opting not to include copy and paste capabilities.

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