GIVEAWAY: Screencamera.Net, the virtual camera video and audio recorder and broadcaster

We have an exciting offer to give away free copies of ScreenCamera.Net, the technically incomparable  virtual camera recorder and broadcaster software.

Usually costing $99.99 the software records and broadcasts the contents of its video camera. The user defines the contents of the video camera by adding element on top of element in a layer-by-layer architecture. Elements supported by ScreenCamera.Net are several:  Screen capture from any monitor at up to 60 frames per second, video cameras, images of any extension, movies, songs, DVRs, camcorders, texts, stamps of date and time, and various polygons.

For starters ScreenCamera.Net gives you a webcam: This video camera is like any other webcam you have attached to your PC except it shows the video output of ScreenCamera.Net . So, right off you can open your video conferencing software, pick ScreenCamera.Net Video Camera to be the video source, and share anything you got: Your desktop from any monitor, movies, images, DVRs, Camcorders, etc. Another feature of ScreenCamera.Net is its animation technology which is quite similar to Adobe Flash and allows users to animate elements with the ability to change position, size, color, transparency, and rotation through a timeline with key frames. So, for example you can turn your desktop capture transparent using 60 frames by simply creating a key frame on the frame 60 and setting  the transparency to 100. ScreenCamera.Net takes care of the rest showing up a smooth fade out.

Examples of apps and websites that accept ScreenCamera.Net Video Camera:  Skype, AIM, Google Chat, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN,, BlogTV, LiveStream, and any other application or website that works with webcams. Like every good video recorder ScreenCamera.Net comes equipped with a powerful scheduler to take timed captures and record video files on a timed schedule.  The scheduler supports more than one period for recording, It also allows periods inside periods, say every Monday and Wednesday record starting at 9:00pm to 11:00pm for example. ScreenCamera.Net is also comes equipped with a video browser, a video player, an image browser, an image viewer and an image printer.

ScreenCamera.Net will run on 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256mb of memory.

To receive your free copy of ScreenCamera.Net simply register here:

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  1. Is this Giveaway still alive? Let me know. I would like to have this utility.

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